Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is there still a market for in-dash car radios?

With all the technology that we have available to us, I am left wondering why we still use some of the older technology. For example, in dash car radios.  It is completely possible to eliminate some of the out of date items that we use on a day to day basis.  There are many people that have completely ditched their car radios for Ipads, or ipad minis.  This is the direction that should be taken, however there is one caveat to this approach, no terrestrial radio on these devices.  The only device that has been afforded the ability of fm radio is the Ipod nano, but the Ipad nano is not logical for use as the infotainment system in your car.  Another possibility is the Iphone.  it is possible to connect your IOS device to your car radio but that is just a temporary fix to the overall problem of lack of forward motion.  The problem isn't that the world is not ready for it, most people have ditched their landlines for cellphone only house phones.  In my house we do not have a landline.  It doesn't make sense to pay for a device and service that is only used occasionally when we already pay for a solution that we have with us all the time already.  The problem is the companies that produce these devices. Now, dont get me wrong, I understand the reason for being in business is to make money but at what cost?  I believe that the world is ready to ditch the in car radio for a simpler version, like their smart phones.   WHat do you think??