Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The death of iWeb ?

I read an article today that made me a little sad, it pointed out that mobile me was going to be terminated June 30 2012. I knew that this was going to happen, when I first heard it , that date was so far off, now it is growing closer and if you have a website published with iWeb, now is the time to start thinking about moving your site to another web host. With this information comes the other question what is going to happen to IWeb, well hopefully apple has something up their sleeve, otherwise start learning another program, most of the features you know and love are going to be made useless. Leave your comments below. And as always, till next time, keep it real.

Post holiday, as the dust settles

Christmas had come and gone, the gifts are opened and now we start the year long task of paying off the credit cards that got maxed out. iPods, laptops, headphones, and a list of other things too large to list now have new homes. Out of all these things, as cool as they are, what is the thing that everyone wants? It's very simple yet so many people still don't get the meaning of. Figured out what it is yet? The one thing that people really want is access, plain and simple. The ability to live our digital lives has almost become as vital as breathing , or eating. Let me pose a challenge, turn your smartphone or laptop off for a day, or better still, 5 hours. Kind of feels like someone is smothering you , I admit it even I'm guilty of it. Think it's bad now, wait like 4or 5 years. What did you get for Christmas and how much of your holiday did you post to Facebook the minute it happened? Leave your comments below, or shoot me an email-hdemarzo@gmail.com. Until next time, keep it real!

Monday, December 19, 2011

AT&T--Tmobile merger officially dead

It appears that the merger between two of the big four mobile providers has been put up against the firing line.  For anyone who was looking forward to this merger will have to wait for better service in some areas.  This is a real bummer because i was really looking forward to the merger, the cell service in my area really sux.  This would have been a very needed improvement.  But for now i will have to deal with it.  How about any of you, would this merger really have been a plus for you or simply just another reason for your mobile bill to go up??   leave your comments below.  Also be sure to check out my new hub at  www.about.me/hdemarzo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mornings and the tech we use.

As I was getting ready for work at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am I was wondering to myself, I wonder what other people's morning routines are. Not just what you have for breakfast, but what you do while you are having your coffee or juice with that bowl of cereal, or an omlet. Do you wake your computer for sleep mode and go right to the email, hit the slider in your iPad or iPhone and update your Facebook status. Everyone has a different routine, what is yours? Let me know below or hit my page @ about.me/hdemarzo to connect with me in one of the many ways I have available for you to share your thoughts. Until next time, keep it real!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Technology misappropriation

Everyday I see kids, and I do mean kids, with expensive phones. Middle school kids with iPhones, blackberries, and android devices walking around like they are 30. I not saying that I'm against kids that age shouldn't have ad use technology, I'm just saying that they don't need an iPhone when they are I 5th grade. A go phone, or a small candy bar phone is perfect. They loose them, leave them places, and don't care, except for the fact that they are going to get yelled at. Smartphones require responsibility, learn it before you get a super expensive mobile device. I mean remember your school books and homework before anything, not password to your Facebook. Leave a comment or send me an email (hdemarzo@gmail.com). Till next time, keep it real !

Thursday, December 15, 2011

iPhone desktop dock (build in progress)

About a week ago we posted a video on the Tech cruiser YouTube Chanel about a dashboard mount for your iPhone. Having been using it since then I found a few new ways to tweak it for greater stability while shooting video. For example, instead of using silicone to achieve greater adhesion to the dashboard, and locating a better attachment for the iPhone to rest in. These additions came during the start of my newest project. A desktop dock for my iPhone. I tried to keep the cost of the project to almost nothing by using items that I had around the house, a sync cable, some silicone, and the packaging for my magic mouse. I got the build about 80% of the way to completion when I realized that the silicone was beginning to separate from the surface of the plastic. So I thought what is better than silicone for this? Duh, two part epoxy, something like jb weld should do the trick. I was planning on painting it any way, that's where I am at now waiting on the trip to the store to get some epoxy to finish the project. Just Incase you were wondering, no the buckyballs are not part. Of the project, they are damn cool though. Until next time, keep it real!