Thursday, December 15, 2011

iPhone desktop dock (build in progress)

About a week ago we posted a video on the Tech cruiser YouTube Chanel about a dashboard mount for your iPhone. Having been using it since then I found a few new ways to tweak it for greater stability while shooting video. For example, instead of using silicone to achieve greater adhesion to the dashboard, and locating a better attachment for the iPhone to rest in. These additions came during the start of my newest project. A desktop dock for my iPhone. I tried to keep the cost of the project to almost nothing by using items that I had around the house, a sync cable, some silicone, and the packaging for my magic mouse. I got the build about 80% of the way to completion when I realized that the silicone was beginning to separate from the surface of the plastic. So I thought what is better than silicone for this? Duh, two part epoxy, something like jb weld should do the trick. I was planning on painting it any way, that's where I am at now waiting on the trip to the store to get some epoxy to finish the project. Just Incase you were wondering, no the buckyballs are not part. Of the project, they are damn cool though. Until next time, keep it real!

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