Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post holiday, as the dust settles

Christmas had come and gone, the gifts are opened and now we start the year long task of paying off the credit cards that got maxed out. iPods, laptops, headphones, and a list of other things too large to list now have new homes. Out of all these things, as cool as they are, what is the thing that everyone wants? It's very simple yet so many people still don't get the meaning of. Figured out what it is yet? The one thing that people really want is access, plain and simple. The ability to live our digital lives has almost become as vital as breathing , or eating. Let me pose a challenge, turn your smartphone or laptop off for a day, or better still, 5 hours. Kind of feels like someone is smothering you , I admit it even I'm guilty of it. Think it's bad now, wait like 4or 5 years. What did you get for Christmas and how much of your holiday did you post to Facebook the minute it happened? Leave your comments below, or shoot me an email-hdemarzo@gmail.com. Until next time, keep it real!

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