Friday, December 16, 2011

Technology misappropriation

Everyday I see kids, and I do mean kids, with expensive phones. Middle school kids with iPhones, blackberries, and android devices walking around like they are 30. I not saying that I'm against kids that age shouldn't have ad use technology, I'm just saying that they don't need an iPhone when they are I 5th grade. A go phone, or a small candy bar phone is perfect. They loose them, leave them places, and don't care, except for the fact that they are going to get yelled at. Smartphones require responsibility, learn it before you get a super expensive mobile device. I mean remember your school books and homework before anything, not password to your Facebook. Leave a comment or send me an email ( Till next time, keep it real !


  1. I would whole heartedly agree about the candy bar phone idea; which is ideal for tweens and children. However, the carriers are making this concept harder and harder by offering less than stellar standard phones. Looking at it from a parents standpoint in this economy I would rather buy my child one device rather than buy two or three different devices for upward of $4oo each. I would rather buy my child an Iphone for a hundred dollars (AT&T's going rate for a 4G with 2yr activation) than buy my child a fifty dollar go phone, a $170 hand held gaming console(in which games are forty to fifty dollars a shot as compared to an iphone where the games are as low as free to five dollars), and a lets say $50 run of the mill MP3 player. That almost three hundred dollars and there are more tech items to lose. Maybe parents need to teach their children responsibility. Just Sayin.

  2. all valid points, however when i find them all over the place like homeless people in NY. There still leaves much to questioned