Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The future of Apple...

Everyone wants the latest technology. It's a statement that is very easily the most basic truths. But what about, the technology that isn't out yet? You know what I'm talking about. Thoughts and ideas that are just doodles, and notes on a legal pad on someone's desk. The kind of stuff that you see in the movies, like the Minority Report. If you head over to, they have an article series titled "Mac|Life rethinks Apple". Here they talk about ideas and concepts that are super cool, and not that far-fetched. Actually it would be very easy for apple to produce these items. For example, today's article is about car radios. How awesome would it be to have an apple headunit in your car. Gps, iTunes, and everything else right in your dash. I wonder if apple is listening? Until next time, keep it real!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Desktop iPhone dock update(build finished)

The first official build that the Tech Cruiser has attempted, has come to a close. So as expected, an update is due. I talked a little about the finished product briefly on the YouTube channel , so let's talk more about it here. Overall it came out ok, I'm not as pleased as I had hoped. When I applied the coat of paint I forgot a vital step of painting, clean the surface, so there was some residual oils left on it. When I painted it it took on more of a rough "steam punk" kind of feel. It performs very well however, the phone slides on and off with ease, it feels solid, and has not come apart yet after about two weeks of usage. The next one will be made out of an old alarm clock. Not that I have a basic foundation, it should turn out better. Until next time, keep it real!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Airlines gone phishing?

American airlines has been serving people for many years, providing reliable transportation service to all kinds of locations. They are now warning people that there is are false emails going around posing as the airline and requesting information from customers. Be warned this is a scam, american airlines has issued a warning not to give them any information. As a tip, never give any information out unless you know for sure it is who you are trying contact, or you contact them first. Until next time, keep it real!