Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Car search

I have spent the majority of my free time in the last week attempting to procure a new vehicle.  I have come to the conclusion that unless you are wealthy, or your parents work for GM, the system that is in place now makes it impossible for an average guy to get a good car at a reasonable price.  What is this about?  you need a car to get to work to make money, however you need money to get the car to make the money.  In most cases you need A LOT of money to get the car.  Is it just me or does this seem a little counterproductive?  I mean really, what does an average guy have to to to get a decent car, at a good price?  I almost feel like im just not supposed to have a car.  Really?  Have I not earned at least that much.  I think the system is effed, and its time for an overhaul!!!!

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