Monday, June 20, 2011

Indiana Jones....And LIfe ??

I have been watching the Indiana Jones movies from the first one, I just finished the Last Crusade.  Upon ending credits, I am left wondering if they are just movies or can  they be applied to life?  The biggest message that is expressed in this movie is inner discovery and the search for truth within yourself.  At one point in the movie, Harrison Ford is hanging on by a finger nail at the edge of a seemingly bottomless crevice, just barely out of reach of the HOLY GRAIL,  His father says " Indiana, let it go".  DO you think that this could be applied to real life?  Could the biggest thing in your life, the single most important discovery really be within yourself?? Leave your comments and spread the word about this blog, we talk about some good topics here.  Or at least we will when I get a bigger audience!!!

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