Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apple needs to learn from Microsoft?

I just read an article about what Apple needs to learn from Microsoft.  It almost made my head snap around.  If i remember my computer history correctly Apple computer had a working GUI a full year before Microsoft did.  The number of viruses for Windows is a mind blowing number when compared to the number of viruses for MAC.  Many people have been under the impression that MAC'S  "Don't get viruses"  This could not be further from the truth.  Any computer system can be infected with a virus.  There is one main factor that contributes to the number of viruses that it gets, this is how many machines are in use.  The vast number of businesses use windows machines as the primary backbone of their computer networks.  This presents itself as a humongous flag that says "ATTACK ME".  The bigger the nail, the quicker it gets "Hammered".  For today this is all that I have about this topic.  More to come in the days to come about MAC and PC.  For now, Keep it real.

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