Monday, October 17, 2011

A week with OS X Lion.....Roomates or annoying friend??

Ok folks, its been about a week since I upgraded to Apple's new OS, and I think that i'm ready to share my feelings about the Big fuzzy kitty that now rules my laptop. 

There are a ton of new features, 250 of them to be exact. Most of them you don't see or know about.  But the ones that you do notice, have so far been pretty darn cool.  Like for example, spaces.  Who knew that the multiple desktops would be as useful as they are.  Granted,  Linux has been using this feature for years, but somehow Apple does it with a little panache.  It come in handy when you are filling out a job application for example.  You have the Application on one space, on another you have your resume, another one has you email, and the last one has Itunes.  Wait you need more than that?   No worries, just pop open the dashboard and throw another one in there and you're good to go.  A_MA_ZING!

How about the Shiny new finish and polish that they put into Lion.  Instead of being more round and bubbly that squared off the corners, made the buttons a little smaller, even the progress bars got a little more geometric.  Not what we have all come to know and love but, never the less, gives OS X a feel of maturity.

The biggest change (And in my opinion the best change apple made since touch screens)  Shows itself in the COMPLETELY revamped version of mail.  When they were designing the changes for this OS they put a great deal into mail, it is cleaner, easier to use and the use of full screen apps that Apple has sprinkled into every corner of Lion, makes mail My number one pick For the best updates in Lion.

There are a ton of new Features to talk about, so stay tuned for the next Round of updates.  Until next time,   keep it real!!

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