Saturday, October 29, 2011

Laptops and the future...

For al of us that follow the tech industry, read the blogs, and watch the live streams of the release events, we hear the phrase "The future of computing" very often.  But what does that mean for us, in the trenches swiping and tapping on our ipads, opening our laotops i nthe coffee shops and diners?  Do you see yourself ditching you laptop for an ipad or just a smart phone?  For those that do video editing, or image manipulation, or data crunching the answer is definately no( at least for me) there is absolutely no way that I could function with only an ipad and a smart phone.  Could I use an iphone instead of a webcam and my laptop on the car seat to film in the car, yes, but I still need my Macbook Pro to edit it.  The future image you see in the movies is still a long way out.  So for those that dream of a Star Trek type of everyday computing life style, sorry you will have to wait, maybe a LONG time.

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