Saturday, November 5, 2011

Apple IOS 5

Recently there has been lots of stuff coming out of Cupertino regarding a few bugs that have been plaguing users of the new IPhone 4s and IOS 5. According to many users, there is a serious flaw with the battery and how long it lasts. Apple released a statement saying that they are aware of a bug that is causing the issue and have a plan in place to fix the issue. A second beta of IOS 5.0.1 has been released, and Apple says that it will release the update in a few weeks to fix the problem. Is this something that you expected or is this a surprise to the FAN-BOY world of apple. As an apple man, I can say that I expected the new IOS to have problems. As a general rule I never run out and grab the newest in Apples lineup until it is necessary for me to upgrade, or at least I wait for a couple of months. This way I am ensured that at least the biggest problems are worked out of any device. Do you follow the same rule or do you run out and grab the newest and greatest right away??

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